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Exploring the why and how of life.

LIFEOS with Kass and Mike is a podcast that explores the personal operating system of successful people. Individuals' personal operating systems. As co-founders of Velvet Sea Ventures, Kass and Mike Lazerow have spent over two decades working together, developing their own LIFEOS - a set of values and principles that form the foundation of how individuals interact with the world. In this podcast, they dive deep into how people operate, their moral code, how they handle handling shortcomings, and their unique characteristics.

For 26 years, they've worked together, starting businesses, employing hundreds of people, and investing in nearly 100 founders. They co-founded the highly successful software company Buddy Media, which was bought by Salesforce for $800 million in 2012. Through their vast experience, they've witnessed how individuals operate, their moral code, how they handle shortcomings and all the unique, sometimes surprising characteristics that form their personal LIFEOS.

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