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Our keynote speeches are fully interactive

While there's a guitar present here, rest assured we did not play for any audience--but instead, we were the hosts for an event featuring Seth Meyers and Jon Bon Jovi at the Gaynor School. We've also been known to open an inspiring Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's Cycle for Survival fundraising ride (ask us for photos--or better yet, donate!). We've also opened for a Bar Mitzvah or two.

All kidding aside, we approach all of our speaking engagements by proactively understanding the audience's needs and delivering relevant, insightful, and inspiring content. As keynote speakers, we will take the time to research the audience, their interests, and the event's theme to create a customized presentation that resonates with them--be it with interactive polls, Q&A, or group activities--all to keep the audience engaged and actively participating. Ultimately, we ensure our delivery is confident, passionate, and energetic to maintain the audience's interest and leave a lasting impression.

Speaking expertise

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Michael and Kass are experts and thought leaders on the following topics:

  • • Entrepreneur-ing
    • Managing Teams
    • Leadership & Communication
    • Creating a Culture
    • How to Pick Your Team
    • Pivoting & Scaling
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Managing Chaos
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